More Big Winners this Week at Casino King.

Casino King

The Casino King website is not only bursting with promotions this week, it is also filled to the rafters with winners, lucky gamers who have claimed large amounts of cash thanks to some of the very entertaining games which you casino fans can enjoy at this site.

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From video poker to slots, it is all covered here at the Casino King site and if you needed further convincing of the fact that this is a site worth checking out, let's have a little gander at some of the bigger wins from the last few days. Bear in mind too that the week is only halfway gone and yet there are already big cash prizes being handed out left right and centre.

One of the best wins of the last few days has to have been the wondrous 300,000 Euro payout which went to the Dutch gamer 'Benjamin T'. This lucky individual won this fabulous sum of money whilst enjoying a spot of online slots action and we are quite sure he has never looked back. Of course, the exchange rate would have a part to play were we to translate this win into pounds, but safe to say that is would still be a miraculous victory.

The biggest winner ever to claim a cash prize over at the Casino King site is still sat at the peak of the winners table, the now infamous 'Eduard K' who claimed over 1million Euros last year, but with victories like the one 'Benjamin T' enjoyed recently, who knows when the next millionaire will be made over at this fine site?

Indeed, September could well be a very busy month over at Casino King so head on over today!

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