Enjoy the Pub Vibe at Ladbrokes Casino this August

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Though it is important to be ever looking forward in terms of games and promotions and the like, the online gaming world is not without a sense of history. Earlier this week, we reported on the craze for old school themed games which is currently sweeping the web and as such, it makes sense that many sites seem to be now offering a traditional slots experience, and in the case of Ladbrokes Casino, these traditional games have taken on a bit of a pub vibe. Safe to say that you'll love these games as much as you enjoy the fruit machines in your local!

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Yes, the old fruit machine vibe has returned only this time in a virtual sense. The Ladbrokes name is synonymous with class these days and safe to say that if you are looking for some online gaming entertainment, you know you're going to find it over at a Ladbrokes affiliated site, be it bingo or casino action you are searching for.

Well, these new pub themed slots are truly impressive and have all the charm of the original, chunky pub boxes. The themes are also rather interesting to say the least. You can now play Bill and Ted based slots games, Cash 'n' Curry for that night out vibe and even the rather charmingly titled 'Apocalypse Cow', all of which have that old school vibe to them.

So, if you fancy getting all nostalgic for your old favourite pub games, pop on over to Ladbrokes Casino because they might actually be there!

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