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Ladbrokes is, by now a name which many of you will be more than familiar with. I even remember being a little kid and seeing the Ladbrokes betting shops and being intrigued by their big red signs and strange glow within.

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Of course, I never had the pleasure of entering one of these establishments as a child, but the name has always stuck with me. Well, these days, the land based betting market is still large, do not get me wrong, but it would seem that the real money is to made online which might explain why Ladbrokes are one of the leading names in online gaming these days. Yes, from casino games to bingo events, Ladbrokes have their fingers in multiple pies!     

At the moment, their casino site, aptly named Ladbrokes Casino, has been attracting some very welcome attention and this might have something to do with the sheer number of gamers who have won big money at the site of late. It's certainly safe to say that Ladbrokes Casino know how to make their gamers happy.

 Just ask any of the lucky gamers who have won some of the following awesome amounts of late. First up is the gamer who plays under the name of 'TMF'. Now, we are not sure what this stands for but it could well be something along the lines of 'the money's fantastic' because this gamer won over £12,000 at Ladbrokes recently.

Still, this wasn't the biggest win of the last seven days. Recently, the gamer 'Tina P' won over £30,000 playing the fine array of games which are on offer at Ladbrokes. A wonderful amount of cash indeed and our congratulations go out to her.

So, if you fancy getting on this illustrious list, Ladbrokes Casino head over there today!

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