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Gala Casino

Gala Casino is one of those names which already has some sway about it doesn't it? I mean, although we are a website that is dedicated to the online side of Casino gaming, you cannot have missed the fact that Gala Casino has a very strong land based following too.

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As such, it makes sense that this is a site which has a hugely impressive reputation. After all, if you haven't heard this name before, you've probably been a little bit vacant, or maybe you are just new to the whole online gaming thing? Still, by the end of this article, if there was ever any doubt, you will certainly know the name Gala Casino very well indeed.

See, as you might expect from a site which boasts thousands upon thousands of members, both in an online capacity and in land based builds, there are tons of special offers for gamers to enjoy thanks to the folks behind the scenes at Gala Casino. After all, they are not a big name on the market for nothing!

Take for example their 'Slotbox' games. Now, though this might sound less like a casino promotion and more like the kind of thing you wouldn't want to come up in your search history, this is in fact a very impressive game which runs near constantly over at the Gala Casino site.

Should you be new to this event however, you can get £10 free play when you join the Gala Casino site and mosey on down to their Slotbox page. Now, this is clearly no bad thing and as such, you gamers can effectively play for a good long while before you run out of this bonus money.

To find out more about this deal, pop over to the Gala Casino site today!

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