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Bonuses are always welcome at casino sites. After all, these sites make the average bingo site look like a tiddlywinks tournament sometimes due to the sheer amount of cash which is on offer from time to time.

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That isn't to say that you cannot win huge amounts on the bingo however, just that sometimes the casino world goes a step beyond and as such, any help you can get is going to be happily revived no? I for one would certainly accept the average promotion which is on offer here with open arms folks, after all, a bonus is a bonus and is not to be sniffed at.

There are of course tons of special offers at the Cherry Red Casino site on any given day which is why you gamers probably keep on coming back to what is fast becoming one of the best loved sites on the web. Well, if you look past all the glitz and glamour of their new gamer promotions and the like, there are also weekly promotions on offer at this site.

Yes, it isn't just new gamers who are treated to special deals here at the Cherry Red Casino site. If you are a hard playing regular, you can claim special bonuses on particular days, including Thursdays and, oh, would you look at that, today is in fact a Thursday! Yes, there are special deals on offer today folks, and if you fancy getting in on the action, you should probably pop on over to the Cherry Red Casino site today.

All the details, and the relevant codes are available at the site and if you happen to visit the place too late today, do not fear, the bonuses are also available on a Tuesday. Enjoy folks, after all, that's what these codes are there for!

Head over to Cherry Red Casino today to take advantage of exclusive bonus codes!

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