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There are of course big winners being made all over the online gaming universe, pretty much all of the time, but sometimes, certain wins are just too good not to report on.

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In fairness, you gamers who actually visit this site need a huge pat on the back for your patience because I for one know how hard it can be to keep reading about the fortune of other gamers, only to have your own personal luck slightly lacking. It can, in all truth, get pretty darn annoying can it not folks?

Well, try to view it this way, every win you read about could actually have been yours, you just need to know where to play and when it seems, and at the moment it's looking pretty good over at the popular Ruby Fortune Casino website.

If proof of this fact were needed, you only need to ask one of the following lucky gamers who have claimed huge amounts of cash at this site in recent times and, as their winner’s page goes to show, this is one internationally respected casino site because the winners are scattered across the globe!

For starters we have the lucky gamer who, though they are nameless on the site won a huge $7,000 plus by playing the soccer safari slots game, a fine amount and no mistake. Well, this win has been over shadowed today by the best of the bunch. Again, the gamer has remained nameless but winning just under $10,000 is a fine achievement for anyone so, if by some miracle the gamer in question is reading, massive kudos from all of us here at

So, if you want to be on next week’s list of big winners, pop on over to the Ruby Fortune Casino site when you next get a chance. It looks like it might well pay off in style!

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