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When you hear the words, 'don't worry, we'll pay', it tends to bring a surprised smile to your face, particularly if you have friends (and we all know at least one character like this) who simply refuses to ever buy a round! Well, in the online gaming world, the offer to have the bill footed by the folks behind the scenes at certain sites is always going to be pleasant experience.

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Sure, we are all used to being offered top deals such as these, but maybe the fact that we've been spoiled a little means that when sites offer schemes such as the one I am about the mention, in order to keep us interested they need to be better and better deals. Well, thanks to the very popular Swiss Casino site, you can now reap rewards simply by spreading the word.

I know I know, a 'refer a friend' scheme, what else is new right? Well, this is a step beyond the average scheme because the folks behind the scenes at this site are prepared not only to reward you for your loyalty, they are also happy to pay for your advised chum to enjoy some of the finest aspects of this wonderful site. Yes, if you refer a friend, the folks at Swiss Bingo will foot the bill, nice no?

So, if you have a chum out there who deserves this treatment, and even if you think of someone who doesn't, but would probably like to experience the rewards on offer to you personally for spreading the word, waste no time folks. For all the terms and conditions of this fine refer a friend scheme, pop on over to the Swiss Casino site today for all further details. It's good to share after all.

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