Winners Corner is Looking Busy Over at Cherry Red Casino.

Cherry Red Casino

Cherry Red Casino is a huge name on the online casino circuit which is why you gamers will no doubt already be more than familiar with the games on offer at this fine site right? Well, as do all top of the range gaming sites, whatever they focus on (be it slots, casino games or indeed bingo), they are very intent on showing you gamers just how important you are to them.

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You can now pop on over to the Cherry Red Casino site and check the winners corner on an hourly basis, meaning that if you claim a fine victory at the site, you will also have this fact advertised, making your success the envy of many another gamer out there.

As you might expect from a site of this magnitude, there are large jackpots on show in the winners corner and here are just a couple of gamers who have already won huge amounts of cash at the Cherry Red Casino site this week, and to think, it's barely even begun!

For starters, the gamer who uses the alias Matthew H has won over $10,000 by playing the super popular (and gangster friendly) Craps game at the site. Now, I am not fully familiar with the old exchange rates folks but $10,000 is a massive amount of cash!

Still, even this win isn't the biggest to have landed over at the Cherry Red Casino site this week. No, even though we are barely halfway through the working week, a gamer who is appropriately named Jesus C has won over $20,000 at the site! Talk about holy! To be part of the next lot of big winners, why not pop on over to Cherry Red Casino today for further details.

Join the list of big casino winners over at Cherry Red Casino today!

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