World Cup Fever Comes to Inter Casino


Now, I'm guessing that most of you will be aware of the hotly anticipated forthcoming event which is set to take place this summer, but just in case you are still unsure, here's a clue. It's a sporting event which will see some of the best athletes on the planet, from all corners of the globe competing for a single prize. No, I'm not talking about Wimbledon! I'm talking about the World Cup folks and it's going to be kicking off in a matter of days!

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Exciting times indeed! Well, as you might imagine, this fact has not escaped the likes of Inter Casino who are, as casino sites go, pretty much bang on the money in terms of current events and have even offered to send gamers into space!

Well, they are all excited about the World Cup over at Inter Casino at the moment which is why you gamers are being encouraged to get on over at participate. Yes, World Cup fever has definitely landed over at Inter Casino!

Though this is not strictly a casino themed event, Inter Casino are encouraging you gamers to join in the action and get involved in the sports book promotion which they are currently running. If you manage to correctly guess any of the results in this year’s World Cup, you will win a prize! So, even if England lose out on penalties again, it will have an unexpected perk after all?

To check out all the details about this hotly anticipated event and promotion, pop on over to Inter Casino today where you can also find out about their other rather splendid promotions and games.

Safe to say that if you enjoy your football as much as you enjoy your online gaming, you're going to have a great summer with Inter Casino.

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