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Titan Casino offers some of the best bonuses and promotions anywhere online.  All new players can qualify for a welcome bonus that is a serious rival to those found at other casinos.  When you make your first deposit at in Titan Casino you will receive a matching bonus.  This means your bonus will be the same amount of your first deposit up to £200.  For example if you deposit £150 the first time you will receive a bonus in the amount of £150.  This gives you a combined total of £300.   

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Not only are new members entitled to this super first deposit bonus that many others.  Once you make that initial deposit you are still eligible to receive other bonuses.  For the next six months every deposit you may get the beginning of each month entitles you to yet another lucrative deposit bonus.  Again you can receive as much as £200 for these monthly bonuses.  Each of the six bonuses will be 100% of the deposit.  This means if you qualify for the full amount of £200 each month then at the conclusion of the six months you will have received a total of £1200 from this promotion.  Therefore if you know you will be playing quite a bit that month it would be a good idea to make the largest deposit you can to reach the £200 requirement.
At the conclusion of your first six months as a member of Titan Casino, you are then eligible for another bonus promotion.  For the next 26 weeks you will be eligible for a 100% deposit bonus on the first deposit made that week.  The amount of your deposit bonus cannot exceed £100.  Bonuses must be claimed prior to the conclusion of the week.  If you choose to take advantage of the full bonus for each of the 26 weeks you will end up receiving £2600 at the end of the specified time period.

Members at Titan Casino also can earn either a 10% or 15% additional bonus depending upon on how they choose to fund their member account. 

With so many ways to earn additional money, check out Titan Casino.

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