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Party Casino has made it easier for their loyal customers to keep up to date with promotions and special events being offered at the Party Casino site. Party Casino’s new Casino Calendar feature lets players at a glance see which events are coming up as well as special promotions. Have you ever been upset to realize you missed out on a special casino event or promotion? This terrible feeling can be a thing of the past. Party Casino understands that we call lead hectic and fast paced lives in today’s busy world.

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The Casino Calendar is easy to read. The calendar is in a grid format with each week having its own row. A special indicator will appear in the box for a specific day if there is an event happening at Party Casino. To find out what the indicator stands for, users must simply go to the bottom of the Casino Calendar to find a easy to read key. At the beginning of each new month, all of the events will be present on that month’s casino calendar. Therefore, many Party Casino members simply go to the calendar at the beginning of each month to determine what offerings are available to them. With such a simple calendar grid format,there is no need to worry about what you might be missing anymore.

If you are new to Party casino, take the time to register at the site. Currently, new members are eligible to receive a Welcome Bonus. Players could get as much as £500 for the first four deposits made to their Party Casino accounts. Of this £500, £200 of it is from simply making your first deposit, pending specifications.

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