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We all enjoy a good Casino movie, well, most of us do, and there have certainly has been a large number of them made. Obviously it is not easy to find agreement about which one was the best, but here at Gaming Supermarket our favourite by a long way is Casino.

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 This 1995 movie was made by Martin Scorsese and featured a great cast including Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, the either you like her or loathe her actress Sharon Stone (in fact her acting in the role of the devastating Ginger was surprisingly good in this movie) and a number of other well known film actors. This film is about Las Vegas of yesteryear; the romance, the corruption, the violence, the mob, the drugs, the glitter, the sex. It is a fantastic tale and fantastically well made. If you are interested in the history of Las Vegas and The Strip and you have not seen Casino, it is recommended that you either buy or download a copy.

This brings us to the latest Casino movie that is due for release in 2010. This movie is directed by George Hickenlooper and written by Norman Snider. The lead character, Jack Abramoff, is played by Kevin Spacey and the leading lady Kelly Preston plays his wife Pam Abramoff.

The movie is in the genre of drama documentary and attempts to portray the story of the real life character Jack Abramoff, who is still alive and incarcerated in a Jail in Maryland whilst serving a five years and ten month sentence. His crime was essentially that of fraud, conspiracy, tax evasion and bribery. He was employed as a lobbyist to represent the interests of tribal gambling groups. In fact they defrauded casinos out of millions of dollars. They charged the casinos around $85 million in fees for supposedly lobbying on their behalf when in some instances they were actually lobbying against their clients’ interests.

Not too much has leaked out about the movie yet, but it should be one to look out for next year. With a love of casino movies and casino games, we’re big lovers of both online and offline gaming here at Gaming Supermarket!



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