Casino: How to Play Let it Ride

Let it Ride is a casino table came that can be considered relatively modern having only been introduced in 1993. It was created by a company called Shuffle Master Inc, otherwise known for making automatic shuffling machines. Potentially, Let it Ride offers some significantly high payouts and has therefore become increasingly popular on the casino scene. It is a game in which players are not trying to beat one another or the House, so interaction between players usually develops to an enjoyable and friendly level. Let it Ride is one of the most inclusive and cheerful table games found in a casino nowadays.

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The table for Let it Ride is relatively similar to a blackjack table, with three circles in front of each player. Two of the circles are marked numerically 1 and 2, with the third marked $. The action begins with each player placing three bets of equal amounts in each of the circles. They are then dealt a three card hand. The dealer will also have three cards in front of him, and after discarding one the remaining two become community cards.

Players are then permitted to look at the three cards they have in their hand. Each player now has a choice of whether to take back the bet they placed in the circle numbered one or to Let it Ride out. If you wish to take it back, you can either scrape your cards towards you on the table or use your hand to make a brushing motion.

When every player has made their decision, the dealer turns over the first of the two community cards which is then used as a fourth card for all the player’s hands. Now you choose whether to take back the bet in circle number two or to Let it Ride. You can take down the bet in this circle no matter what you did with the bet in the first, although you cannot change your original decision.

Finally, when all decisions are made, the second community card is revealed and becomes the fifth card for each player’s hand.

Depending on the value of your hand and the bets in each of your circles, you will be paid for any winning bet according to the payout rules of the game.

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