The House Edge in Casinos

No matter what you do, how you play or how little you spend, if you are gambling in a casino then you are always at the House’s mercy. The casino itself will always have a House advantage, because a formula is in place to ensure that the casino always makes more than it pays out. It is very rare that casinos pay out at true odds. There is no real way around this, but you can be careful by picking games that have a low house edge rather than a high one. Some of the worst games and bets in casinos are listed below due to their high house edges.
The Wheel of Fortune, or Big Six Wheel, has terrible odds usually between 11 and 24 percent depending on what number you choose to bet on.

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When playing roulette, betting on the double zero in American roulette usually has a house edge of 5.26 percent. The five number basket bet is the worst of the lot, including the zero, double zero and numbers one, two and three, with a house edge of 7.89 percent.

In craps, the proposition bets you can place in the middle of the table have the highest house edge. These can stretch to as much as 16.7 percent.

When playing baccarat, betting on either the Player or the Banker is risky, but worst of all is the tie bet which has a house edge of 14.36 percent.

Caribbean Stud
In Caribbean Stud, a card game, if you decide to place a side bet for the big progressive jackpot then you could face a house bet which on average reaches about 26 percent.

Let It Ride
Let it Ride is another card game in which playing a side bet can cost you dearly. Although the house edge for the side bet varies in different casinos, they usually range from 13 to 36 percent.

These are the games and bets to avoid if you want to keep your hard earned cash!

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